Stress, Anxiety, Depression

I think that life has become too busy and stressful for many people. I know the stress and overwhelm that come with raising a family, aging parents, working full-time and the overload that comes with cell phones and internet. It doesn’t leave us with much time or energy to take care of ourselves, eat well or do what we love (and more so if you are suffering with anxiety or depression). It’s no wonder that we end up feeling stressed, depressed, anxious  and exhausted.

As your Naturopathic doctor, I can guide you with realistic and achievable strategies to help with emotional health and stress resilience. Even small changes can make a difference in how we feel.  

Have you been diagnosed with anxiety or depression? Let’s explore what might be contributing to or even causing your issues. I often find there to be biochemical and nutrient imbalances that can be addressed. My medical education includes pharmacology, so I can work with you in conjunction with any prescription medications you might be taking.

It would be my pleasure to work with you on your healing journey. Phone or click here to request an appointment.

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