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Existing patients – I am conducting appointments by telemedicine when possible, but I am able to see you in the clinic if your concern requires an in-office visit (i.e., for an abdominal examination or naturopathic bodywork treatment).  New patient appointments can be conducted in-office or by telemedicine. Note that any in-office appointments can proceed only if  you pass Covid19 pre-screening questions. Meet and Greet appointments are now being conducted by telemedicine only.

Please bring a mask to wear during your appointment, I will be wearing one too. Please come alone to the clinic, unless you require assistance or are an adult accompanying a child. If you arrive early, please wait outside or in your vehicle until your appointment time so as to minimize people in the clinic.

For in-office visits, please monitor for the following new or worsening symptoms: fever, sweats, chills; cough; sore throat; headache; shortness of breath; nasal congestion, runny nose. If any of the above apply to you, we unfortunately cannot allow an in-office appointment to proceed and require that you change to a telemedicine appointment and contact 811 for further direction.

Thank you in advance for helping us decrease any potential spread of COVID-19.

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