Dr Nadia Tymoshenko ND

Your Halifax Naturopathic Doctor

I have had the honour of helping people get their health back in my 25+ years experience as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). I maintain a general Naturopathic practice, with a special interest in digestive health (after all, the healthier your digestion, the better the rest of your body and mind function), menstrual/pelvic/hormonal health including peri-menopause & menopause,  mental/emotional health, sleep, and repairing the toll that stress takes on us. I also incorporate hands-on body work into your care, which allows for a truly holistic approach to your health care.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained in the medical sciences and naturally focused. I will help answer your health questions and find natural solutions for your health concerns so you can feel your best and enjoy your life.  Many people come to me wanting something different, yet compatible with their conventional medicine care.  I offer a functional medicine approach and new ways of thinking about your health.

How Can I Help?

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I take an individualized approach based on your goals and your unique health situation. I truly want you to thrive and feel great so you can enjoy your life. I work with you to develop a realistic and achievable plan that you can feel good about. Whether you have a specific […]

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Two locations! My Halifax practice is at Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre, 2585 Beech Street. I also see clients in Terence Bay. ONLINE BOOKING LINKS: Click here for Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre online booking, or phone  902.407.0808 Click here for Terence Bay online booking, or phone 902.402.2809 You will get an email with a link to […]

Getting Started

It’s easy to schedule your first naturopathic appointment. Simply phone or click here to book an appointment. Your Naturopathic appointments allow more time than most standard medical appointments.  The first visit is 60 minutes long and follow-up visits are 30 minutes. This gives time to really delve into the details of your health history and […]


Two Locations! My Halifax practice is at Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre, 2585 Beech Street. I also see clients in Terence Bay. Click here to book an appointment.


I acknowledge that I live and work on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people, Mi’kma’ki. I am grateful to work in this community, on this land.