The body has a wonderful ability to heal itself. Symptoms and diseases are messages from the body that something is stressed and out of balance. As your  Naturopathic Doctor, Nadia can work with you to discover where the imbalances are and help address the underlying causes. Nadia has a screening process to help assess the physical and emotional state of your health which assists in determining which strategies would support your body’s ability to heal itself.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Nadia provides natural therapies to improve your health and vitality. Much can be learned from looking at how your body physically, mentally and emotionally expresses imbalances. Nadia will spend the time needed to thoroughly understand the root causes of your symptoms and the factors that affect you and then make recommendations that support your healing process so you can live life with less pain, more energy, better mental clarity and emotional well-being.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you on your journey to better health and wellness.

Come and meet me!

2016-03-23 10:19:04

Are you wondering if Naturopathic Medicine is the right fit for you? I offer complimentary Meet the Doctor visits. This 10-15 minute free intro session gives you a chance to meet me, ask questions you may have about Naturopathic Medicine, and find out how I can help you. Just call 902.402.2809 to schedule your meeting.


The Stress-Hormone Connection

2016-11-07 13:44:22

Women - you are invited to my next health talk on November 16. I will be talking about how stress can impact your hormones, cycles, fertility and peri-menopause, and some simple ways you can help yourself naturally. See my latest blog post for more info.


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