Introducing Dr-Nadia-ND’s Therapeutic Tea Blends!

I am excited to let you know that I have just developed my own line of medicinal herbal teas. This is something that I have been wanting to do for years, but didn’t put aside the time to do until recently. It was also important to me to wait until I found a reliable and affordable source for high quality herbs (which I have now done).

I love drinking teas because they are such an easy way to incorporate some extra healing (and hydration) into my daily routines. I try to make an experience of it… taking a moment for myself, smelling the aroma, noticing the taste and warm sensation in my belly.

I put a lot of thought into selecting the ingredients for each blend. I wanted each one to have specific healing benefits AND…  I wanted them to look nice, smell pleasant AND taste good.


Here they are – naturally caffeine-free and do not contain depleting stimulants:

VitaliTea – stress-relieving and energizing without being over-stimulating

DetoxiTea – gently supports the body’s daily detox processes

TummyTea – soothing and healing to the stomach and intestines

SereniTea – calming and relaxing – a great winding-down or bedtime tea (this is the one pictured above)

These teas are only available to my naturopathic clients as I need to ensure that they are appropriate for each individual, taking into consideration each person’s health issues and compatibility with medications.

If you want to bring more healing into your life with teas, be sure to ask me which one(s) might be right for you at your next visit. I’m always happy to talk tea!

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